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Beetroot Spaghetti 114 gms (Gluten-Free,Vegan)

Beetroot Spaghetti 114 gms (Gluten-Free,Vegan)
Beetroot Spaghetti 114 gms (Gluten-Free,Vegan)
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  • NutraHi’s Spaghetti is our 1st such healthy food product range. These Spaghetti are developed in- house with a USP of being Gluten free along with important Nutritional Ingredients.
  • All our Spaghetti are 100% vegetarian & gluten-free and don’t contain any added colors, flavors or preservatives and are manufactured in an absolutely clean & hygienic environment.
  • These Spaghetti's are not only for Celiac Patients, but also for people who are looking for healthy spaghetti, which doesn’t contain any Atta or Maida. Cooking the same is very simple. Its a One Complete Meal with Dry Vegetables and Spice Mix

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