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03 Jun 5 Indian millets you should include in your diet for speedy weight loss and good health
naturespalette 0 158
Most of us consume wheat and rice in different forms in our daily diets, leaving little space for fibre-rich whole millets. Therefore, if an expert advises excluding rice and wheat on a weight loss jo..
naturespalette 0 422
When it comes to diets, we read about a lot of advice which are either unproven or does not have facts to back it up. Here are the top 5 myths according to us.  Myth: Skipping meals can help me lose w..
04 Sep 12 Benefits of Green Tea
naturespalette 0 346
Green tea means many things to different people. Some enjoy it for the health benefits, some enjoy the taste that it delivers. There are many varieties of green tea available today. Let's take a look ..
02 Sep Lavender Essential Oil - Why and How?
naturespalette 0 277
Lavender essential oil is an amazing multi-purpose product that can be used around the home as well as for health and wellness purposes. The versatility of lavender makes it a staple in many homes and..
30 Aug Sea Salt vs Rock Salt - Which is Better?
naturespalette 0 821
Which is it time to force your taste buds into compliance? Which tastes better, more natural, and which one can you trust to take your dishes from being just good to great?Differences between Sea Salt..
30 Aug Jaggery - A Replacement
naturespalette 0 364
Sugar has been a prominent ingredient in our diets for centuries. With the popularity of diet and wellness trends, many people now opt for alternatives including options like honey or maple syrup inst..
30 Aug Quinoa - A wonderfood
naturespalette 0 398
Quinoa is a wonder-food. It’s high in protein and fiber, contains all nine essential amino acids, and is gluten free with a slightly nutty flavor. Quinoa has more protein and fiber than any other grai..
29 Aug Healthy Eating: the best tips for eating clean
naturespalette 0 333
People often underestimate the power of what they put into their own bodies. Many people might filter out buying organic food because they say that it costs more but the extra income spent is worth it..
28 Aug The Benefits of Natural Makeup
naturespalette 0 313
The Benefits of Natural MakeupA growing number of people are turning away from the chemicals in traditional makeup and opting for natural cosmetics instead. Find out more about the benefits and drawba..
28 Aug Ragi - Benefits and Recipe
naturespalette 0 832
In this post, we will talk about the health benefits of ragi. The common English name of Ragi is finger millet Ragi is an indigenous food and traditional grain in India. It is a staple food in many pa..
26 Aug Why you should consider organic vegetables to improve your health.
0 376
Why you should consider organic vegetables to improve your health.Have you ever been worried about eating or cooking food that is covered with harmful pesticides? Organic vegetables come from farms wh..
26 Feb What are the benefits of A2 Ghee?
0 479
Ghee is immutably an important ingredient in Indian cuisine. Countless delicacies such as Puran Poli, motichoor laddoos and other preparations are accorded the highest preference when they are made fr..
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