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Dry Fruits

All Organic and Natural. No Chemicals. No Artificial Flavorings. Organic Dry Fruits. Natural Dry Fruits.

100 Percent naturally dried and free from any additives or preservativesGood source of energyDates are high in fibre, which may beneficial for blood sugar control and digestionDry fruit hub ajwa dates are premium quality and hygenically packed..
Weight:  / 500g
Ex Tax:₹669.64
Organic Tattva Premium Assorted Dry Fruits 300 gThis gift pack of dry fruits comes loaded with the goodness of not just one but different nutritious dry fruits. Bring home health and happiness this festive season with Organic Tattva Premium Assorted Dry Fruits. So when you're thinking of a gift for ..
₹738 ₹820
Weight:  / 300g
Ex Tax:₹658.93
Very rich source of omega-6 fatty acidsOffer natural skin glow and fights skin problemsBrazil nuts are loaded with high selenium contents..
₹760 ₹950
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹678.57
Premium Quality California Almond SpecialAids in weight loss, nourishes skin & hairImproves bone health, reduces cholesterol & blood sugarSource of nutrients, vitamins and fibreGreat crispy taste, even good size..
₹231.20 ₹289
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹206.43
Research suggests that people who eat a small serving of cashews every day see a minor reduction in LDL "bad" cholesterol. In addition to lowering rates of LDL cholesterol, cashews may help to prevent heart disease due to their high magnesium content Helps control blood sugar & keeps heart healt..
₹320 ₹400
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹304.76
Chironji is very nutritious as it is rich in proteins and dietary fibre and low in calories. Due to this property of the plant, it may help with strength to the body, relieves tiredness, and improves immunity. The methanolic properties of chironji may be found to be protective against stress-ca..
₹372 ₹465
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹354.29
Premium Quality Dried Apricots AfghaniRich in Fiber.Treasure Chest of AntioxidantsTasty and naturalClean Digestive TractEnhances Skin Glow..
₹248 ₹310
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹221.43
Raisins naturally contain antioxidants, potassium and fibre that benefits your overall health. It helps in digestion, reduces acidity and improves the immune system.These nutritious, high energy and low-fat food not only helps you to stay healthy but also keeps the skin healthy and beautiful.You can..
₹276 ₹345
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹262.86
Hazel Nuts 100 gms..
₹380 ₹475
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹339.29
Dates have all the goodness that one needs, be it their sweet rich taste or their health benefits. Rich in dietary fibre it supports the digestive system but also helps improve the immune system.Firm and filling, these dark colored dates are a delight to eat.Have that sweet craving after meals, munc..
₹280.25 ₹295
Weight:  / 400g
Ex Tax:₹250.22
Brand: 20-20
Almonds are rich in nutrients, especially magnesium, which help curb down hypertension and maintain good heart health.Helps in weight loss the mono unsaturated fat found in almonds prevents over eating and the dietary fiber makes you feel full, despite eating a small amount.Great for skin massaging ..
Weight:  / 500g
Ex Tax:₹513.39
₹320 ₹400
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹285.71
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