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Dry Fruits

All Organic and Natural. No Chemicals. No Artificial Flavorings. Organic Dry Fruits. Natural Dry Fruits.

100 Percent naturally dried and free from any additives or preservativesGood source of energyDates are high in fibre, which may beneficial for blood sugar control and digestionDry fruit hub ajwa dates are premium quality and hygenically packed..
Weight:  / 500g
Ex Tax:₹669.64
This is a Vegetarian product.Rich in fiber so help in metabolismRich in nutrients hence boosts energyHeart-friendly,Healthy fatRich in proteinWeight loss and maintenance..
Weight:  / 250kg
Ex Tax:₹190.48
Brand: 20-20
Almonds are rich in nutrients, especially magnesium, which help curb down hypertension and maintain good heart health.Helps in weight loss the mono unsaturated fat found in almonds prevents over eating and the dietary fiber makes you feel full, despite eating a small amount.Great for skin massaging ..
Weight:  / 500g
Ex Tax:₹513.39
Brand: Jewel Farmer
This is a Vegetarian product.♥☺Jewel Farmer organics naturally Seedless-Dates excellent source of vital nutrients.♥☺Seedless-Dates fruit has premium hand selected quality.♥☺Jewel Farmer Seedless-Dates hygienically packed in facility meeting food safety standards. 100% Natural Taste.♥☺Store..
₹308.75 ₹325
Weight:  / 400g
Ex Tax:₹275.67
Ajwaa 400 gms (Gluten Free And Vegan)..
₹1,216 ₹1,280
Weight:  / 400g
Ex Tax:₹1,085.71
Almonds Mamra Giri 500 gms..
Weight:  / 500g
Ex Tax:₹1,428.57
Anjeer (Dry Figs) 1 Kg..
Weight:  / 1kg
Ex Tax:₹1,696.43
Brand: Jewel Farmer
NATURALLY NUTRITIOUS: Jewel Farmer brings Arabian dates to you that are rich in healthy fibre, minerals and vitamins. Free from cholesterol and being naturally processed these dates are deliciously healthy dry fruits.LUSCIOUS RECIPES: You can make various delectable dishes from dates such as halwa, ..
₹189.05 ₹199
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹168.79
California Almonds100% Organic and Fresh ..
Weight:  / 1kg
Ex Tax:₹1,183.04
Heart healthy almonds get a sweet treatment with a touch of golden honey! These delicious nuts are filled with plant protein, powerful antioxidants and good-for- you fats. They’re a great anytime treat, or even a simple (and healthy!) dessert...
Weight:  / 1kg
Ex Tax:₹1,026.79
Cashew (Kaju) 250 gms (180)..
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹428.57
Cashew (Kaju) 250 gms (240)..
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹357.14
Cashew 240..
Weight:  / 1kg
Ex Tax:₹1,095.24
Fruit is an important part of a balanced diet. When you’re on the go however, it can be difficult to eat it every day. Dried cranberries provide a convenient, portable option that allows you to easily incorporate fruit into your diet. There are many health benefits of eating dried cranberries...
Weight:  / 100g
Ex Tax:₹142.86
Dried Blueberry 250 gms..
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹437.50
Brand: Nutty Yogi
Goji berries, a fruit that comes from the Chinese Lycium Barbarum plant, have been used as a traditional medicine for general health and wellness. It aids in the natural development of tissues and repairs cell damage caused by various free radicals in the body.With a potent combination of protein..
₹152 ₹160
Weight:  / 100g
Ex Tax:₹135.71
Dried Prunes Antioxidant 200 gms (Gluten Free And Vegan)..
₹275.50 ₹290
Weight:  / 200g
Ex Tax:₹245.98
Dry Apricot 250 gms..
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹169.64
Dry Fig (Anjeer) Big 250 gms ..
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹424.11
Dry Fig (Anjeer) Small 250 gms..
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹312.50
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