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All Organic and Natural. No Chemicals. No Artificial Flavourings. Organic Dalia. Natural Dalia.

Our organic Maize Dalia is of the finest quality. It is gluten free and can be used for making many delicacies. It provides relief from heat in summer and in winter it increases the capacity to withstand the cold weather conditions as it provides more energy for the calories consumed. There is a sli..
₹52.25 ₹55
Weight:  / 500g
Ex Tax:₹49.76
Barley dalia is a staple cereal grain popular for breakfast meal and savored for its rich flavor. It is loaded with dietary fiber and proteins for an energetic and healthy metabolism.This Dalia is another specialty introduced under the 'Down To Earth' brand. It is being cooked like any other Dalia s..
₹66.50 ₹70
Weight:  / 500g
Ex Tax:₹63.33
Brand: 24 Mantra
Broken rice is a grade of rice consisting of grains broken in the milling process.On milling oryza sativa, commonly known as asian rice or paddy rice, produces around 50 percent brown rice then approximately 16 percent broken rice, 20 percent husk, 14 percent bran and meal.Country of Origin: India...
₹52.25 ₹55
Weight:  / 1kg
Ex Tax:₹49.76
Our organic split (sorghum) jowar dalia makes a naturally nutritious porridge especially for people wanting a wheat alternative. Cook in water and then add rock salt and / or any of conscious food natural sweeteners. Seeds of this product are indigenous and come from small farmers in Rajasthan. Jowa..
₹85.50 ₹90
Weight:  / 500g
Ex Tax:₹81.43
Organically grown without pesticides and fertilizersOrganic Tattva’s Wheat Dalia is not just high in fiber but also free from any additional coloring or chemical enameling, making it the best fiber source for diabetics and the fitness consciousCountry of Origin: India..
₹49.50 ₹55
Weight:  / 500g
Ex Tax:₹47.14
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