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Spices Whole

Add healthy spice to your food! All Organic and Natural. No Chemicals. No Artificial Flavourings. Organic Spices Whole. Natural Spices Whole.

Rich wine red color, shriveled appearance and not so spicy, that’s the definition of kashmiri chilli. The kashmiri chilli is smaller, rounder and less pungent, but lends a very bright red color to the food. They are bred for their high color retention since they redden anything capable of absorbing ..
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Weight:  / 200g
Ex Tax:₹203.57
Brand: Kapiva
HIGHLY EFFICACIOUS MONGRA KESAR - Mongra Kesar consists solely of the top most part of saffron stigmas that have been scientifically proven to have the strongest antioxidant activity. This makes Mongra kesar one of the most efficacious Kesar variants compared to Lacha Kesar. Mongra Kesar also has a ..
Weight:  / 1pcs
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It is a vegetarian product.It is 100% Natural.There are no added preservatives and no artificial colors...
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Weight:  / 100g
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It is a vegetarian product.It is 100% Natural.There are no added preservatives and no artificial colors...
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Weight:  / 50g
Ex Tax:₹54.29
Brand: Natureland
Organic Black Pepper / Kali Mirch. Eat Natural Live Healthy ????.Natureland’s Organic Black Pepper has travelled a long way from wild lush green forests of Western Ghats, Karnatka, produced from the still-green unripe organic drupes of the pepper plant, boiled and sun dried, graded and han..
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Weight:  / 40g
Ex Tax:₹113.10
100% certified organic, Premium Quality herbs with certified organic and steam-sterilizedFree of any artificial preservatives and addictive. No GMOs.Uses: It is used in making pickles or salads & it can added to curries, vegetable, roti, paratha and many more preparations. It is one of the best ..
Weight:  / 100g
Ex Tax:₹95.24
Brand: Nutri Org.
The Nutriorg Organic Kashmiri Saffron has been cultivated and carefully handpicked from the high altitudes of the Kashmir Valley.This wonder spice is grown and processed in organic farms and is 100% purely organic. Kashmiri Saffron is available to you in its purest formSaffron is used to stimulate h..
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Weight:  / 1g
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Brand: 24 Mantra
Good appetizer and laxativeEffective for cough and coldCures abdominal painRemedy for nauseaPungent and bitterCountry of Origin: India..
₹85.50 ₹90
Weight:  / 100g
Ex Tax:₹81.43
Brand: 24 Mantra
Organic in nature. Carminative in nature. Enhances tasteCountry of Origin: India..
₹190 ₹200
Weight:  / 100g
Ex Tax:₹180.95
Brand: 24 Mantra
Useful in baked productsCures morning sicknessCountry of Origin: IndiaEnhances tasteReduces acidity..
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Weight:  / 100g
Ex Tax:₹76.90
This is a Vegetarian product...
Weight:  / 45g
Ex Tax:₹104.76
Brand: 24 Mantra
Promotes lactationUse in pach phoron spice mixFlavour enhancerCountry of Origin: India..
₹28.50 ₹30
Weight:  / 100g
Ex Tax:₹27.14
Brand: Amber
 A Powerful Antioxidant, Saffron contains an impressive variety of plant compounds that act as antioxidants — molecules that protect your cells against free radicals and oxidative stress.May Improve Mood and Treat Depressive Symptoms, Saffron is nicknamed the “sunshine spice.” That’s not just d..
Weight:  / 2g
Ex Tax:₹666.67
Brand: 24 Mantra
Our Mustard Seeds whole (small) are 100 % OrganicGrown without synthetic PesticidesGrown without synthetic GMOsUnadulteratedAromaticAnti-oxidant rich..
₹33.25 ₹35
Weight:  / 100g
Ex Tax:₹31.67
Brand: TNP Grocery
Ajwain is common in Indian food. It has a strong, bitter taste with an aroma similar to thyme. The “seeds,” which are actually fruits, are typically dry-roasted or ground and used in spice mixtures. They are also used in Ayurvedic and Siddha medicine to help treat numerous issuesDigestive Healt..
Weight:  / 500g
Ex Tax:₹238.10
Organic & 100% Pesticides FreeNo Chemicals and No Fertilizers..
₹85.50 ₹90
Weight:  / 200g
Ex Tax:₹81.43
Cardamom is commonly used in Indian cuisiine but it has also mades it way into Ayurveda. The medicinal properties have proved cardamom as one of the most important part of ayurvedic treatments. Regular consumption can cure chronic cold and cough with great ease.Pure and Sure is a range of Certified ..
₹361 ₹380
Weight:  / 50g
Ex Tax:₹343.81
Brand: Go Earth
Ajwain seeds offer numerous health benefits, have a bitter, pungent taste.Highest quality spice and a delightful addition to any meal, complimentary to vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.Aromatic spice adds delightful, exotic flavor to a variety of dishes & qzine's ajwain is 100% vegetarian, all na..
₹147.25 ₹155
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹140.24
Sourced from certified organic farms across India, Phalada Pure and Sure Organic Cinnamon Bark with its warm fragrance and spicy flavour can be used both as a seasoning and medicine due to the antioxidants in it. •100 percent certified organic cinnamon bark, sourced from certified organic farms acr..
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Weight:  / 50g
Ex Tax:₹47.05
Brand: Go Earth
Cloves are the flower buds of the clove tree, an evergreen also known as Syzygium aromaticum.You may know cloves as one of the main ingredients in a staple spice in Indian cuisine.Cloves are best known as a sweet and aromatic spice, but they have also been used in traditional medicine.In addition to..
₹137.75 ₹145
Weight:  / 75g
Ex Tax:₹131.19
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