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Pure! All Organic and Natural. No Chemicals. No Artificial Flavourings. Organic Ghee. Natural Ghee.

Brand: Beevia
Beevia A2 Bilona Cow Ghee-1 Ltr.It is healthy and naturals...
Weight:  / 1l
Ex Tax:₹1,904.76
Brand: Beevia
Beevia A2 Gir Cow Ghee 500 ml.It is healthy and naturals...
Weight:  / 500ml
Ex Tax:₹1,142.86
Brand: OG
Excellent source of OMEGA 3, OMEGA 6, healthy amino acids, Vitamins B2, B12, B6, C, E and KSourced from the highest quality A2 milk from Gir Cows.Natural A2 beta-casein in the milk fulfils nutritional requirementsEasier to digest than A1 milk.Vedic Bilona-churning technique preserves nutrients..
₹1,472.50 ₹1,550
Weight:  / 1l
Ex Tax:₹1,314.73
Brand: Natureland
Organic A2 Ghee. Eat Natural Live Healthy, A2 Gir Cow Ghee.Daily Need Products For A Healthy And Energetic Life.Made by churning the curd, the process which gives it natural unique aromatic flavour and texture.It is excellent for brain development in kids, pregnant and lactating women ,elderly and y..
₹498.75 ₹525
Weight:  / 350ml
Ex Tax:₹445.31
Brand: Natureland
Natureland’s Traditionally Processed Pure Cow ghee made by churning the curd, the process which gives it natural unique aromatic flavor and texture, since this is prepared from curd which has natural human friendly bacteria, it digests easily in our digestive system, it gives extra fresh oxygen to t..
₹1,021.25 ₹1,075
Weight:  / 1,000ml
Ex Tax:₹911.83
Brand: Emkay
Till date, you have heard that ghee is made of milk. But this is substitute of ghee and not made of milk, but made of different oils. This is not Vanaspati ghee. Vamaship is made of 100% palm oil by Hyderoganetion process whereas Emkay Coconut Based Interesterified veg fat Vegan Ghee (Dairy Free, Pl..
Weight:  / 200ml
Ex Tax:₹304.76
Brand: Emkay
100% Palm Oil Free & Hydrogenated Fats Free.Cholesterol Free.Low In Saturated Fats & Zero Trans Fats.Rich in MUFA (healthy fats that can help with weight loss and reduce risk of heart disease) & PUFA (healthy fats that can help with reducing blood pressure and improve vascular functionin..
Weight:  / 500ml
Ex Tax:₹690.48
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