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Milk Powders

Stay Hydrated! All natural! No artificial flavourings. Organic Milk Powders. Natural Milk Powders.

About The Product:Blended with the finest quality of raw cacao and ashwagandha, this smooth, delicious, hot chocolate mix is sure to be the perfect evening drink. It is the ultimate way to relax and unwind. Instructions:Add a tablespoon of our Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate to a cup of war..
Weight:  / 100g
Ex Tax:₹253.39
Brand: Mason & Co
Taste drinking chocolate as it should be! Rich, pure and delicious, our chocolate blend is made from 100% organic cacao powder blended only with organic cane sugar. It retains the full bodied fruity flavour of the cacao beans, giving a delicious experience that is free from any chemical processing...
₹408.50 ₹430
Weight:  / 200g
Ex Tax:₹346.19
Brand: Nutty Yogi
A classic comforting, warm, and boldly spiced turmeric latte with a hint of sweetness. Nutty Yogi’s Turmeric Latte is loaded with the goodness of Pure hand pounded Turmeric and sweetness of the Coconut Sugar. Turmeric contains loads of nutrients, especially antioxidants and anti infla..
₹170.05 ₹179
Weight:  / 125g
Ex Tax:₹161.95
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