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Dishwash Bar & Liquids

All Natural. No Chemicals. Natural Dishwash Bar and Liquids.

100% Natural liquid dish wash made exclusively with herbal ingredients, including non-ionic cocoa, water, coconut-based surfactants, soap nut and lemon oils.This acid-free dish wash does not leave behind any residue after the wash,except for a sparkling shine.Thanks to its natural, plant-based ingre..
₹144 ₹160
Weight:  / 500ml
Ex Tax:₹122.03
Brand: Bubblenut
Gentle on human skin. Hypoallergenic and pH5.5. No chapped hands from doing the dishes.Detergent made from soapnuts and tamarind. Natural, organic and herbal dishwash liquid. Age-old formula perfected by grandmas, repacked for modern days using scientific research.Key benefits are: Gentle on skin. L..
₹149.50 ₹299
Weight:  / 810ml
Ex Tax:₹126.69
Naturedrop is a non-toxic, herbal dishwashing liquid which effectively cuts grease and powers through stubborn stains, leaving behind dazzling clean dishes, glasses and utensils. This earth-friendly formula is biodegradable and made from plant extracts, aromatic oil extracts and plant-derived cl..
₹81 ₹90
Weight:  / 250ml
Ex Tax:₹68.64
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