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Repellent Vapourisers & Spray

All Natural. No Chemicals. Natural Repellent Vapourisers and Spray.

Anti-Mosquito Room Spray.Soft, Subtle, yet invigorating - the beautiful scent of this room freshener is all this and more. Spray a little and let it work its magic on the ambience of any room...
₹355.50 ₹395
Weight:  / 100ml
Ex Tax:₹301.27
A natural herbal based repellent that does not cause any side effects to you and your familyThis herbal vaporizer comes in a 40 ml bottle which lasts for a month.Made up of 100% herbal products available in nature this mosquito vaporiser ingredients is a blend of extracts from plants such as eucalyp..
₹76.50 ₹85
Weight:  / 40ml
Ex Tax:₹64.83
100% Natural Ant Repellent made from Cedarwood, Neem and Lemongrass. It has been developed as an alternative to the strong chemical insecticides used commonly to kill insects and which are poisonous to human beings as well.Apply spray liberally at places where ants roam and also at the source from w..
₹121.50 ₹135
Weight:  / 40ml
Ex Tax:₹102.97
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