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Brand: Yogabar
Oat-rageously great!It’s rolled. It’s gold. Great for your heart. Great for weight management. You'll never have regular oats again.What goes in:50% more fibre5.4g protein per serving100% whole grains100% natural ingredientsOmega - 3Beta-glucan100% natural ingredientsWhat stays out:Added sugarVegeta..
₹343 ₹490
Weight:  / 1kg
Ex Tax:₹326.67
Brand: Just Jaivik
100% Natural Spirulina powder arthrospira platensis 100 gms..
Weight:  / 100g
Ex Tax:₹238.10
The No Cereal, Breakfast CerealHow do you make a breakfast cereal without any cereal?The answer in one word? Quinoa. Hailed as the mother of all grains, the South American Quinoa is as healthy as it gets - rich in protein, fibre and having a low carbohydrate content and packed with minerals and micr..
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹295
Brand: Yogabar
20g of complete protein10g Fiber - both prebiotic and dietary100% natural ingredientsNo soy proteinNo sugar alcohols - no sorbitol or erythritolNo artificial sweetners - no sucralose, corn syrup or maltitol300mg of Omega 3s>15% RDA CalciumAntioxidant rich ingredientsHealthy fatsLow sodiumGluten f..
₹118.75 ₹125
Weight:  / 70g
Ex Tax:₹100.64
Naturally Yours Gluten Free 5 Grain Noodles is a power packed and easy to make meal that is made using finest blend of high quality grains. It is made in a gluten free environment and is a good source of dietary fiber.✔ Made using Corn, Amaranth, Bengal Gram, Jowar and Rice✔..
Weight:  / 100g
Ex Tax:₹115.18
Brand: Toska
50% coconut milk dark chocolate with french biscuit nirvana 35 gms..
₹118.75 ₹125
Weight:  / 35g
Ex Tax:₹100.64
Brand: Mason & Co
A Rich and balanced baing chocolate with extra cacao butter for a smooth and creamy texture. This easy-to-use bar is perfect for cakes, cookies, brownies, ganache and so much more! Crafted especially for Urban Platter you can shop their range of gourmet, plant-based ingredients on urban platterIn pa..
₹522.50 ₹550
Weight:  / 200g
Ex Tax:₹442.80
55% Dark Chocolate No Added Sugar 80 GmsNot so dark you can’t see the light. Not so light you can’t feel the dark. Deep, luscious, bitter-yet-sweet - this chocolate is what twilight feels like, when it melts in your mouth...
₹179.10 ₹199
Weight:  / 80g
Ex Tax:₹151.78
Brand: Toska
Toska 60% Coconut Milk Dark Chocolate with Cardamom Sugar Free 35 Gms..
₹123.50 ₹130
Weight:  / 35g
Ex Tax:₹104.66
Deep, decadent, dark. Like ‘dark side of the moon’ dark. Like a mid-summer night in june dark. Inside a black, velvety cocoon dark. Like i couldn’t eat you too soon dark.Bean to Bar is a process where we make our chocolate in-house with the Cocoa Beans sourced from Idukki region of Kerala to perfect..
₹179.10 ₹199
Weight:  / 80g
Ex Tax:₹151.78
Brand: Mason & Co
The ultimate combination of cooling mint, crunchy sweet cacao nibs and our signature 75% chocolate.Originally introduced as a Christmas limited edition bar, this is our organic take on the festive candy cane so you can have Christmas all year around!Organic, vegan, gluten free & soy free...
₹280.25 ₹295
Weight:  / 60g
Ex Tax:₹237.50
100 Percent naturally dried and free from any additives or preservativesGood source of energyDates are high in fibre, which may beneficial for blood sugar control and digestionDry fruit hub ajwa dates are premium quality and hygenically packed..
Weight:  / 500g
Ex Tax:₹669.64
Brand: So-Fit
Plant-based vegan Almond Drink, Source of healthy energy.Source of healthy energy.Naturally Cholesterol Free.Source of Dietary Fibre.Naturally Gluten-Free.Benefits:Contains protein equivalent to one glass of 200 ml of cow milk.Contains dietary fibre equivalent to 8 g of green gram whole.It is enrich..
Weight:  / 1l
Ex Tax:₹254.24
Brand: Mama Earth
The first step to healthy hair is a nourished scalp - our mothers and grandmothers knew this. For decades, they’ve trusted Almond Oil for its nourishing goodness. Introducing Mamaearth Almond Oil for Hair, crafted with the goodness of Cold Pressed Almond Oil and Vitamin E, for an extra boost of nour..
₹319.20 ₹399
Weight:  / 150ml
Ex Tax:₹270.51
The classics are classics for a reason. Medium dark chocolate, the crunch of roasted almonds, the sweetenes of golden raisins and a combined effect that spells bliss. You just can’t go wrong with this one.Bean to Bar is a process where we make our chocolate in-house with the Cocoa Beans sourced from..
₹206.10 ₹229
Weight:  / 80g
Ex Tax:₹174.66
Brand: Mama Earth
Who doesn’t love good hair days? Here’s to making them last forever with Mamaearth Almond Shampoo. Crafted with the goodness of time tested natural ingredients like Almond Oil and Vitamin E, this shampoo gently cleanses your scalp and deeply nourishes your tresses giving you thicker, shinier, and st..
₹279.20 ₹349
Weight:  / 250ml
Ex Tax:₹236.61
Brand: Mama Earth
Product DescriptionFor ages, Aloe Vera & Turmeric have been a part of skin & hair care regimes for their medicinal benefits. Mamaearth's Aloe Turmeric Gel combines their goodness with Vitamin E in a multipurpose product. 100% Pure Aloe Vera derived from aloe plant deeply hydrates skin & ..
₹199.20 ₹249
Weight:  / 150ml
Ex Tax:₹168.81
Brand: Mama Earth
HYDRATES THE SKIN: Say Aloe to hydrated skin! The serum penetrates deep into the skin, boosting hydration, leading to plumper & glowing skin.BOOSTS COLLAGEN PRODUCTION: Turn back time with Aloe Vera Face Serum! It improves skin elasticity and combats signs of premature aging, giving you that you..
₹399.20 ₹499
Weight:  / 30ml
Ex Tax:₹338.31
✅ [The healthiest snack on the block] – 100% baked, all natural, filled with enriching nutrients like calcium, iron, fiber, protein etc. Seasoned with a dash of premium Sunflower oil (not palm oil) , The Healthy Binge crispies has 50% less fat than regular fried chips, 0% trans-fat, 0% cholesterol a..
₹38 ₹40
Weight:  / 40g
Ex Tax:₹32.20
Brand: Vitro
Amla is commonly known as Indian gooseberry.Emblica officinale is the Latin name of this plant.It helps to maintain healthy immune system.It helps to maintain healthy vision.It helps to maintain healthy hair and skin...
Weight:  / 100g
Ex Tax:₹80.36
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