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Immunity Boosters

Boost your immunity with these products! No chemicals. Natural.

Brand: Just Jaivik
100% Natural Spirulina powder arthrospira platensis 100 gms..
Weight:  / 100g
Ex Tax:₹238.10
55% Dark Chocolate No Added Sugar 80 GmsNot so dark you can’t see the light. Not so light you can’t feel the dark. Deep, luscious, bitter-yet-sweet - this chocolate is what twilight feels like, when it melts in your mouth...
₹179.10 ₹199
Weight:  / 80g
Ex Tax:₹151.78
Deep, decadent, dark. Like ‘dark side of the moon’ dark. Like a mid-summer night in june dark. Inside a black, velvety cocoon dark. Like i couldn’t eat you too soon dark.Bean to Bar is a process where we make our chocolate in-house with the Cocoa Beans sourced from Idukki region of Kerala to perfect..
₹179.10 ₹199
Weight:  / 80g
Ex Tax:₹151.78
The classics are classics for a reason. Medium dark chocolate, the crunch of roasted almonds, the sweetenes of golden raisins and a combined effect that spells bliss. You just can’t go wrong with this one.Bean to Bar is a process where we make our chocolate in-house with the Cocoa Beans sourced from..
₹206.10 ₹229
Weight:  / 80g
Ex Tax:₹174.66
Brand: Healthy Gut
Kombucha is a sweet, sour, tangy and naturally fizzy drink. It is a healthy replacement to the regular Aerated Soda drinks. Gut-loving live cultures and tasty ingredients with very low sugar and no alcohol. Simply made with 4 ingredients: water, tea, sugar and a kombucha culture. we like to keep it ..
Weight:  / 330ml
Ex Tax:₹168.64
Brand: Nutritius
Nutritius Dry fruit chikki with jaggery 50 gms..
Weight:  / 50g
Ex Tax:₹71.43
Medium dark chocolate paired with rich, roasted hazelnuts. As the complex flavors of cocoa engulf the smooth creaminess of premium nuts, you realize that this, is decadence, stretched to the point of being illegal.Bean to Bar is a process where we make our chocolate in-house with the Cocoa Beans sou..
₹224.10 ₹249
Weight:  / 80g
Ex Tax:₹189.92
Orange isn’t a flavor. It’s a feelin’. It’s a fruit that needs a peelin’. And when it mixes with that cocoa! Your tongue goes loco poco. Oh it’s a strange kinda appealin’. To a heart that needs no stealin’.Bean to Bar is a process where we make our chocolate in-house with the Cocoa Beans sourced fro..
₹206.10 ₹229
Weight:  / 80g
Ex Tax:₹174.66
Brand: Nutritius
Perfect regular pack ideal for single person wanting to enjoy this for a week or two.Traditional chikki with perfect combination of peanut, jaggery & the rest - everybody's favorite.These are crunchy & little hard as these normally are. They are a perfect blend of traditional taste and flavo..
Weight:  / 50g
Ex Tax:₹23.81
It’s the way the little bursts of sea salt draw out all the notes of cocoa. As you realize that bitter, sweet and salty weren’t supposed to be together. And yet, here they are. An unlikely trio, dancing in the dark. Dancing, in your heart.Bean to Bar is a process where we make our Dark Chocolate in-..
₹206.10 ₹229
Weight:  / 80g
Ex Tax:₹174.66
Brand: O'ZIVA
Why Is It a Must HaveOZiva Superfood Brain Multi is a clean blend of powerful superfoods with Ayurvedic Herbs specially created to support enhanced brain health in children.Supports enhanced intelligence and memory with Ashwagandha that also helps maintain calmness and relieve stress. Helps enh..
Weight:  / 120g
Ex Tax:₹422.88
Brand: Kapiva
The Consumption of the Health Supplements should be under the export's guidance.Kapiva Triphala Juice is loaded with natural Ayurvedic herbs like Amla, Haritaki and Bahera. In Ayurvedic studies, Triphala is considered a Tridoshic Rasayana that balances all the three doshas namely - Kapha, Pitta and ..
Weight:  / 1l
Ex Tax:₹266.96
Dried Prunes Antioxidant 200 gms (Gluten Free And Vegan)..
₹308.75 ₹325
Weight:  / 200g
Ex Tax:₹275.67
The Consumption of the Health Supplements should be under the export's guidance.ORGANIC INDIA Immunity – Boost Immune ResponseImmunity strengthens the immune response to illness and infection. Immunity offers relief from cold, flu and other respiratory tract infections. Immunity is recommended to be..
Weight:  / 60pcs
Ex Tax:₹200.89
Brand: Vitro
The Consumption of the Health Supplements should be under the export's guidance.IMMUNITY BOOSTER PREMIUM JUICE – With natural immune booster formula develops immunity against Air Pollution & Seasonal Diseases.ACTIVE INGREDIENTS – Turmeric, Giloy, Tulsi, Amla, Ginger, Aloe Vera, Moringa, Ashwagan..
Weight:  / 500ml
Ex Tax:₹276.79
ORGANIC INDIA Ayush KWATH - Immunity Booster infusion BagsAyush KWATH. A blend of the healing Tulsi, along with Cinnamon, Ginger, and Black Pepper, this formulation is ideal for boosting the immune system.Caffeine FreeUSDA Organic CertifiedIndia Organic CertifiedStaple free tea bagsOur infusion bags..
Weight:  / 25pcs
Ex Tax:₹164.29
Brand: Nutri Org.
Nutriorg Certified amla powder is made from certified organic amla cultivated in certified organic farmland.Amla is considered the most powerful herb to manage overall health and well being. According to ancient science of Ayurveda, regular consumption of amla balances all three doshas, namely, Vata..
₹213.75 ₹225
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹203.57
Brand: Just Jaivik
Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) also known as Indian Ginseng has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years as a RASAYANA (rejuvenative). Ashwagandha is one of the most highly regarded and commonly used herb in the Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia. It increases energy and vitality* General adaptogen for c..
Weight:  / 100g
Ex Tax:₹190.48
Tulsi Green Tea Classic 25 Tea Bag - Stress Relieving & Refreshing ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Green Tea contains natural herbs good for health. Clinical studies show that both Tulsi & Green Tea promote healthy metabolism which is vital to weight management. Both offer a vast array of remarkabl..
Weight:  / 25pcs
Ex Tax:₹184.76
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