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Bamboo Towels

Size - 75 cms X 150 cms ; 100% Bamboo TerryHighly Absorbent and Odorless : Bamboo Fibers are 3 times more absorbent than Cotton due to its porous cross sectionUltra soft: bamboo Towels are softer than softest cotton with a natural sheen like silk and cashmereAnti Microbial and Odorless : the natural..
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Mush Bamboo hand Towel of Size - 35 cms X 75 cms ; Material : 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton.Maintain your gym hygiene with MUSH super absorbent Bamboo Towel. Mush Gym towels are specially designed to cover atleast 30% of surface of the bench.Highly Absorbent and Odorless : Bamboo Fibers are 3 times more abs..
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These amazingly soft Turkish style Bath towels are made from 100% Bamboo. Size: 75 X 160 cms.Features: It dries very quickly, absorbs 3 times more water than cotton, light in weight and takes up little space in your closet or luggage. It's great for Home / Travel use, baby care, home decor, and poss..
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