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Brand: Bamboo India
Portable Mobile holderEconomic Design100% Brand new and high quality!After a waterproof outer layer paint process, easy to clean, no deformation.Unique design that allows B-Safe to keep dry.Natural Bamboo materialLightweight..
Weight:  / 1pcs
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Brand: Bamboo India
This is no typical office supply – this high-quality pen is hand-made from bamboo, a unique crop that is as sustainable as it is versatile. As such, these pens make a unique and ethical addition to conference packs.These elegant pens are handmade and are produced by micro enterprises in  I..
Weight:  / 1pcs
Ex Tax:₹114.29
Brand: Bamboo India
Handmade sound amplifier enables you to share your music through passive sound amplification.Incredibly durable, renewable, and rich in tonal variation, bamboo and rattan bring a relaxed style to any area. Our passive amplifier is hand-made to create a unique and one of a kind look.FeaturesEco-frien..
Weight:  / 1pcs
Ex Tax:₹284.76
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