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Fresh. All Natural. No artificial flavourings. Natural Cheese.

Brand: Nutoras
Nutoras Cheddar Cheese is a pasteurized, grass-fed cow milk cheese that is aged to give a semi-hard, tangy, full-flavoured, and well-rounded cheddar. They are ideal to be used in making muffins, cakes and pizzas.Thick and creamy with the goodness of milkNo preservative no artificial coloursMade from..
Weight:  / 200g
Ex Tax:₹196.43
Brand: Nutoras
Nutoras Feta Cheese with Olive Oil is a semi hard Feta cheese, marinated with olive oil to bring out the saltiness of the cheese. It pairs wonderfully with baked breads and crisp lettuce, and is ideally used in salads, sandwiches, and pastas...
Weight:  / 200g
Ex Tax:₹285.71
Brand: Soft Spot
Italian Parmigano Style Cheese.?Vegan Parmesan Cheese is 100% plant-based cheese made with Cashew cream and coconut oil for a rich and creamy cruelty-free treat.Strong, tangy flavour and sharp aroma. This is a hard and crumbly cheese. Our vegan parm works really well as shavings in a salad.You can e..
Weight:  / 200g
Ex Tax:₹352.68
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