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Milk & Vegan Milk

Fresh. All Natural. No artificial flavourings. vegan. Natural Milk and Vegan Milk.

Brand: Jus Amazin
Jus'Amazin 30 Second Almond Milk is made using 100% almonds and nothing else. This product enables you to make fresh, creamy & 100 % natural almond milk in just 30 seconds !All you have to do is snip the sachet, add it to water, shake for 30 seconds (or mix it in a blender) and you get fresh and..
₹285 ₹300
Weight:  / 125g
Ex Tax:₹254.46
Brand: So-Fit
About this itemSofit: Healthy energy to do more!Sofit Soya milk contains protein, vitamins, omega-3, fibre and calcium for your daily energy needsSofit Soya milk is lactose free, no cholesterol and no added preservativesSofit Soya milk is available is 6 flavours - natural, chocolate, vanilla, kesar ..
₹90.25 ₹95
Weight:  / 200ml
Ex Tax:₹76.48
Brand: Jus Amazin
Jus'Amazin Condensed Almond Milk (Sweetened) is made from almonds (80%) and organic jaggery (20%), making it a healthy base for delicious desserts and treats for your loved ones.ProductFeatures: High Protein, 100% Natural, Dairy-free, Lactose-free, Vegan, Plant-based, Plant Protein,.....
₹475 ₹500
Weight:  / 200g
Ex Tax:₹424.11
Made from the finest quality coconut sourced from certified organic farms across India, Phalada Pure and Sure Organic Coconut Milk is made from first pressed extracts of fresh coconuts that make your favourite dishes creamier and tastier. •Certified organic product..
₹76 ₹80
Weight:  / 160ml
Ex Tax:₹67.86
Organic Coconut Milk 400 ml..
₹199.50 ₹210
Weight:  / 400ml
Ex Tax:₹178.13
Brand: Soyamrut
Plain Soya Milk 200 ml (Vegan)..
₹19 ₹20
Weight:  / 200ml
Ex Tax:₹18.10
Brand: Epigamia
Do you prefer your morning cuppa with that thin, cringey layer of malai or are you normal? skip the daily struggle of straining your coffee or tea with skimmed milk. it comes with half the calories and fractional amounts of fat as compared to whole milk, but it still has comparable levels of protein..
₹75.05 ₹79
Weight:  / 1,000ml
Ex Tax:₹71.48
Brand: Emkay
Soy Milk Powder 200 gms (Gluten-Free, Vegan)..
₹190 ₹200
Weight:  / 200g
Ex Tax:₹180.95
Brand: So Good
NATURAL AND UNSWEETENED -So Good Unsweetened Soy Milk is a unique formulation which extracts milk from whole Soyabean and has no added sugar. Unsweetened milk not only helps increasing immunity but also helps to maintain your health and stay in shape.ONE STOP SOLUTION TO HEALTHY EATING -Healthy alte..
₹123.50 ₹130
Weight:  / 1l
Ex Tax:₹110.27
Brand: Soyamrut
Soya Milk Chocolate (Vegan) 200 Ml..
₹23.75 ₹25
Weight:  / 200ml
Ex Tax:₹22.62
Brand: Epigamia
Strengthened with vitamin a and vitamin d, our toned milk is the perfect addition to your daily dairy needs. native to India, toned milk is a variant of the dairy staple that’s been homogenized resulting in lesser fat content and fewer calories. It’s perfect to be added in with your early morning be..
₹70.30 ₹74
Weight:  / 1,000ml
Ex Tax:₹66.95
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