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Personal Care

Variety of organic and natural products for your personal care!
Brand: H & C
 Most Common Ingredient in Herbal Hair Care Formulations> Strengthens the hair roots> Clears off dandruff and dirt that accumulates in the scalp..
Weight:  / 100g
Ex Tax:₹104.76
REVITALISE DAMAGED HAIR: 30 Herbs Hair oil is a premium infusion of Brahmi, Bhringraj, Japapuspa, Karipatta, & several Indian herbs. The therapeutic properties soothe the scalp and stimulate roots for healthy hair. It nourishes the hair strands to reduce dryness, damage and dullness of hair.STRE..
Weight:  / 200ml
Ex Tax:₹507.63
All Day Cream for Men Oudh and Kokum Butter 50 Gms..
Weight:  / 50g
Ex Tax:₹381.36
Brand: Mama Earth
Your skin needs extra love and oodles of hydration! Cleanse and hydrate your skin with Mamaearth Aloe Vera Face Wash. Crafted with the natural goodness of Aloe Vera, it soothes and calms the skin while keeping it moisturized. It’s also infused with Ashwagandha, a proven powerhouse of antioxidants th..
Weight:  / 100ml
Ex Tax:₹219.49
Fragrance: ayurveda. This perfume combines the goodness of ancient Vedic formulations. An amalgamation of herbs, spices, chandan wood & rose petal; quantity: 10 ml; target Audience: men & womenContents: 10 ml. Of perfume oil in an easy-to-carry glass bottle. The bottle is sealed with a dipst..
Weight:  / 10ml
Ex Tax:₹334.75
Ayurveda Solid Perfume In Brass Mini Jars 4 Gms..
Weight:  / 4g
Ex Tax:₹296.61
Brand: Kapiva
VOLUMINOUS HAIR WITHIN 90 DAYS: Contains Sesame Oil known to have Keshya property in Ayurvedic texts for holistic hair benefits like growth, less hair fall & gray hair relief100% NATURAL: Made from a potent mixture of 18 herbal ingredients that are naturally sourced and blended using a tradition..
Weight:  / 100ml
Ex Tax:₹295.76
Natural Brown Brush - A natural and premium shaving brush, carefully crafted with the best of material to provide a premium shaving experience. Made with natural golden hog hair bristles and a teakwood handle, this brush is all things natural!As the brush is rubbed on the face&nb..
₹809.10 ₹899
Weight:  / 1pcs
Ex Tax:₹685.68
Gift Set – The Man company comes with curated Detan Charcoal valentine gift kit for your husband, boyfriend with the products of charcoal body wash, charcoal shampoo, face scrub, face wash and solid soap bar for men. Perfect for everyday use and smooth skin.Charcoal Body Wash - Lemongrass & Cinn..
₹2,425.50 ₹2,695
Weight:  / 6pcs
Ex Tax:₹2,055.51
Use Charcoal Shaving Cream to create a rich, creamy lather that gives superior glideActivated Charcoal cleanses the dirt from skin & poresTea Tree Oil disinfects the skin & keeps it irritation freeAloe Vera keeps the skin moisturised and eliminates post shave drynessMethanol keeps the skin r..
₹89.10 ₹99
Weight:  / 78g
Ex Tax:₹75.51
The Bombay Shaving Company Skin Cleansing Power Play Kit takes care of your skin and helps you become a new you, every day. The blackhead eliminating Charcoal Face Scrub effectively purges skin of dirt and deep cleanses the pores to give you a flawless skin while charcoal face wash effortlessly remo..
₹404.10 ₹449
Weight:  / 2pcs
Ex Tax:₹342.46
Brand: M Caffeine
GIFT OF CHOCOLATEY INDULGENCE: Lips help you express and they deserved to be cared for. Gift the Choco Kissed Lip Gift Kit to your special ones and help them revive their lips and add a bit choco-infused smoothness to their expressions. With a soothing Choco aroma and textures that feel amazing on t..
₹897.30 ₹997
Weight:  / 3pcs
Ex Tax:₹760.42
Brand: M Caffeine
REDUCES FRIZZ, IMPROVES HAIR MANAGEABILITY, STRENGTHENS HAIR STRANDS: The Coffee Hair Serum is all you need to take your hair health to the next level. Packed with Pure Arabica Coffee, it reduces frizz, improves hair manageability and strengthens hair strands to give you detangled and strong hair. T..
₹359.10 ₹399
Weight:  / 50ml
Ex Tax:₹304.32
Brand: M Caffeine
Protects & Repairs UV DamageThe heart of all our products, Caffeine in this sunscreen safeguards skin from UVA and UVB damage as well as repairs sun damage to get you #AddictedToGood.Lightweight, Non-greasy & Zero White Cast FormulaThe lightweight and non-greasy gel-cream texture of the suns..
₹404.10 ₹449
Weight:  / 50ml
Ex Tax:₹342.46
Brand: Pee Safe
When to use it: Whenever you want to pee in public toilets or travelling or you are pregnant or if you have joint pains. Check below for details on how to use.What does it do: The Urination Device makes it convenient for women to stand and pee.When can we expect the results: Get resul..
₹148.50 ₹165
Weight:  / 12pcs
Ex Tax:₹125.85
Brand: Pee Safe
Period cramps holding you back from having the best time of your life? Sleepless nights with just turning & tossing? It's time to put a patch on it with the Feminine Herbal Pain Relief Patch, made with an instant & continuous cramp relief formula!Once applied the Pain Relief Patch starts tak..
₹224.10 ₹249
Weight:  / 6pcs
Ex Tax:₹200.09
What Makes the Foaming Face Wash So Good? - It’s 95% natural. It has green tea extract rich in essential minerals and antioxidants that protect and balance skin and hydrate it thoroughly. Aloe vera helps to calms skin irritations and reduces dryness and redness on the skin. Neem has antibacterial pr..
₹449.10 ₹499
Weight:  / 100ml
Ex Tax:₹380.59
Brand: St.Botanica
Tame all your strands the way you wish to with St.Botanica Anti Frizz Hair Conditioner. Keratin Protein and Green Tea Extracts will help nourish your hair and make them easy to manage. Coconut oil and shea butter will help strengthen your hair strands and prevent damage & split ends.St.Botanica ..
Weight:  / 200ml
Ex Tax:₹380.51
Brand: St.Botanica
.St.Botanica Anti Frizz Hair Shampoo contains natural & effective components to help tame those frizzy strands and flyaways. Coconut Oil is a natural conditioner for your hair that can assist the strands to retain moisture and stay frizz-free for long. Shea Butter helps nurture your strands, mak..
Weight:  / 200ml
Ex Tax:₹402.54
Brand: St.Botanica
Help your hair restore its colour and strength with St.Botanica GO Colored Shampoo. The shampoo is forged, keeping in mind the needs of colour-treated hair that can help the colour last longer and maintain its shine. The shampoo contains essential components that can help your hair grow into long st..
Weight:  / 200ml
Ex Tax:₹402.54
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