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Facial Tissues

Brand: Vitro
These gentle Aloe Refreshing & cleansing Face Wipes are infused with chamomile, cornflower extract & Aloe Vera to provide a quick and healthy refresher anytime, anywhere. Main Ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, chamomile extract, Cornflower Extract, Vitamin E. ..
Weight:  / 30pcs
Ex Tax:₹80.51
100% Recycled.Hygienic- cured at 120C.Absorbent | Food Contact Safe.Unbleached.Napkin Size- 30cm x30cm...
Weight:  / 1pcs
Ex Tax:₹66.10
100% Recycled.Extra Soft & Absorbent.Hygienic- Cured at 120C.Skin contact safe.Unbleached- (Lower chemical usage)...
Weight:  / 1pcs
Ex Tax:₹76.27
[CLEAN & HYDERATED SKIN] - Get 99% germ, bacteria & dirt protection with every wipe with the new Aloe Vera & Silver Colloidal enriched Sanitizing Wipes.[SANITIZE WITH NATURE'S GOODNESS] - The presence of all-natural ingredients helps the facial wipes to gently disinfect the skin and wipe..
Weight:  / 25pcs
Ex Tax:₹127.12
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