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keep your face away from harmful chemicals! organic & natural products. No chemicals. SLS & Paraben free. Organic Toners, Waters and Mists. Natural Toners, Waters and Mists.

Brand: Prakrata
A daily toning and hydrating mist for face or even bodyAmazing active ingredients steam distilled rose water is an effective astringent, aloe helps soothe inflamed/irritated skin sun especially after sun exposureExtracts of berberis aquifolium and calendula help prevent pimples and acne natural ahas..
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Recoup and refresh yourself with Lavender Face Mist for Normal to Dry Skin. This gentle, moisturising, mood uplifting mist will leave you feeling fresh instantly. Enriched with natural essential oils and botanical extracts, this formulation heals rashes, clears and soothes your skin, all in the same..
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Brand: Vitro
Vitro Naturals - Vitro Natural Rose Water is a pure and undiluted product. The rose water is produced via Hydro Distillation of fresh Rose blossoms, picked from our rose fields. Vitro Rose Water does not contains any preservatives, additives, or synthetic ingredients. Natural Rose water is one of th..
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Rose water can be use anywhere in the body.Rose water is considered to be great for lightning Stubburn dark Circles.Rose water is highly used to maintain the Skin PH balanceand also control excess oil...
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Rose Water Pure Skin Toner can be use anywhere in the body.Rose Water Pure Skin Toner is considered to be great for lightning Stubburn dark Circles.Rose Water Pure Skin Toner is highly used to maintain the Skin PH balanceand also control excess oil...
Weight:  / 210ml
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Life & Pursuits Organic Rose Water is extracted using the steam distillation method from organically-grown Indian rose flowers. Rose water grants hydration to the skin, along with soothing and calm texture. It is suitable for all skin types, whether it is sensitive, dry, oily or normal skin. It ..
Weight:  / 200ml
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Panchsatt Gentle Refreshing Toner balances oil secretion on skin without leaving it dry and stretchy. It reduces the pores' sizes and removes impurities thus rejuvenating your skin. It has a cooling effect and prevents signs of premature ageing. The toner can be used as often as needed without harmi..
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PURE & ORGANIC ROSE FLOWER WATER: There are no Chemicals, no Preservatives and definitely no Artificial Fragrances in our Rose Water. Just the pure scent of Organic roses dispensed through a convenient, easy to use spray cap.COMPLETE SKIN CARE: Provides instant hydration for your face and neck w..
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A floral distil of fragrant Rose petals and essential oils, the Refreshing Rose Water Toner hydrates and restores your skin's pH balance. The essential oils present in it help firm and soothe sensitive skin, rejuvenate mature skin, imparting a natural and long lasting glow.Features:Refreshing rose w..
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Rejuvenates, Hydrates and Balances the pH level of the skin.Flavour: Tea Tree.Quantity: 100 ml.Contains rose water, distilled aqua and tea tree oil.Contains green tea extract, vitamin E, lavender oil...
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Brand: Mama Earth
TIGHTENS OPEN PORES: The alcohol-free face toner made with natural ingredients helps in tightening open & enlarged pores.RESTORES SKIN'S pH BALANCE: Being alcohol-free, the toner makes skin look smooth & healthy by hydrating it and maintaining the pH balance.PURIFIES SKIN: A powerhouse ingre..
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