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STAY GROOMED! Natural. No SLS & PARABENS. Organic Hair Care Products. Natural Hair Care Products.

Light Formulation - A non-viscous and non-greasy formulation that can be applied to any part of the day or night.Onion oil - is well known for possessing properties that increase blood circulation which in turn increases the diameter of hair fibers and linear hair growth rate.10 Essential Oils - Ric..
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Weight:  / 30ml
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Softens and smooths hair while providing frizz-free definition and low shineFlavour : Eucalyptus and SageQuantity: 50 gramsContains Organic beeswax, organic cold pressed rice bran oil and organic cold pressed olive oil..
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Weight:  / 50g
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NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Enriched with organic extracts like henna and amla to provide moisture & nourishment to beard, moustache and skin.NO CHEMICALS: Free from ammonia & other harsh chemicals to prevent chemical reaction.INSTANT DYE: Get Natural Black facial hair in 15 minutes.PROTECTS INSIDE..
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Weight:  / 60ml
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