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Ubtan & Skin Polish

Keep your skin away from harmful chemicals! Natural. No SLS & PARABENS. Organic Ubtan and Skin Polish. Natural Ubtan and Skin Polish.

Brand: Antarkranti
Antarkranti Naturals Body Polish has natural moisturizing agents which makes the skin firm and supple. It is an effective remedy for damaged and tanned skin. Flavonoids and essential oil present in licorice and orange peel oil make skin healthy and beautiful. Turmeric is full of curcumin that gives ..
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Weight:  / 225g
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Brand: Antarkranti
IMPROVED SKIN COMPLEXION, MOISTURIZATION & ANTI-AEGING -Antarkranti Natural Body Ubtan is an Ayurvedic formulation made with age tested ingredients comprising cereals, pulses, seeds, nuts and herbs. Chironji & turmeric improves skin complexion. Red lentils reduce blemishes. Mustard seeds moi..
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Brand: Earth Baby
Sunni Pindi is used for babies to give them their so royal bath! It is used to improve complexion and remove excess hair.Sunni Pindi is in a finely ground powder form. Use it as a gentle exfoliating face wash. Suitable for All Ages...
Weight:  / 400g
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