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Brand: Snackaart
Each pack of Crispea is divided into ideal snack portion size, giving you 10 gm of Proteins and 6 gm of fiber to balance your blood sugars. Crispea fulfils 20% of your Daily requirements of protein and fiber. It has a Low Glycemic Index making it a healthy snack for weight loss and diabetes Crispea ..
Weight:  / 36g
Ex Tax:₹47.62
Brand: Snackaart
Mixture of 6 Super seeds, whey protein and raisins. a Healthy Mix Of Protein, Fiber, Antioxidants, Vitamins and Omega 3 to provide you complete nutrition on the go. you can also add our protein seed mix to your cereals, milkshakes and smoothies, our protein seed mix is perfect snack for young a..
Weight:  / 90g
Ex Tax:₹119.05
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