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Milk Powders

Your Morning Boosters! Organic and Natural! No chemicals. No artificial flavourings. Organic Milk Powders. Natural Milk Powders.

Brand: Early Foods
Natural - Freshly prepared mixture of 7 dry fruits & seeds, that is finely grounded to make fine power. We make small batches of food every day so you can feed your child super fresh foods always.Ingredients: Watermelon Seeds 36%, Almonds 18%, Cashews 18%, Sunflower Seeds, Pistachio 5%, Walnut 3..
₹285 ₹300
Weight:  / 100g
Ex Tax:₹254.46
Brand: Pascati
Certified USDA Organic | Fairtrade Compliant100% Vegan | Gluten Free | Sustainably Sourced IngredientsUnsweetened & Non AlkalisedRich, Full Bodied Flavour Adds Character To Cakes, Muffins, Cookies & Ganache...
₹327.75 ₹345
Weight:  / 250g
Ex Tax:₹277.75
Brand: Early Foods
USDA Organic- Made fresh for your little one once you place your order online. Because children need 'Fresh' & 'Pure' foods for maximum nutrition absorption.40% Less sugar content compared to commercial available Health Drinks.Use for making a chocolate drink, choco fruit smoothies or as a sweet..
₹95 ₹100
Weight:  / 50g
Ex Tax:₹80.51
Made from the finest Quality of Vanilla Beans sourced from certified Indian organic farms, Phalada Pure and Sure Organic Vanilla Powder is perfect for any of your baking needs...
₹551 ₹580
Weight:  / 10g
Ex Tax:₹524.76
CHOCOLATE DRINK MIX – It is a wonderful blend of Sprouted Ragi, Almonds, Peanuts, and Cocoa. It does not contain any artificial flavours, added sugar, added salt & milk solids. Ragi, Almonds & Peanuts add nutritions and Cocoa adds a lovable taste.POWERHOUSE OF NUTRIENTS – Drink Mix is a sour..
₹331.55 ₹349
Weight:  / 200g
Ex Tax:₹280.97
Brand: Nutty Yogi
A classic comforting, warm, and boldly spiced turmeric latte with a hint of sweetness. Nutty Yogi’s Turmeric Latte is loaded with the goodness of Pure hand pounded Turmeric and sweetness of the Coconut Sugar. Turmeric contains loads of nutrients, especially antioxidants and anti infla..
₹170.05 ₹179
Weight:  / 125g
Ex Tax:₹161.95
Brand: Truemillet
Rich source of Protein & Iron & Dietary fiberCholesterol & Trans Fat FreeHigh in calciumExtract : Milk powder, Popped Ragi, Jaggery, Green gram,cardamom,iodised salt...
₹142.50 ₹150
Weight:  / 150g
Ex Tax:₹120.76
Brand: Truemillet
Rich source of Protein & Iron & Dietary fibreCholesterol & Trans Fat Free.High in calcium.Extract : Milk powder, popped Ragi, Jaggery, Green gram,cardamom,iodised salt...
₹142.50 ₹150
Weight:  / 200g
Ex Tax:₹120.76
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