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Trail Mixes

A Healthy Mix for a healthy diet! All natural. No artificial flavourings. Organic Trail Mixes. Natural Trail Mixes.

Cacao, the raw form of chocolate meets creamy cashew, and together they become the quickest, easiest, yummiest way to curb your sweet cravings! Go ahead and dig in, minus the guilt...
Weight:  / 35g
Ex Tax:₹71.43
Brand: Frubites
You can now enjoy having Jamun (Black Plum) throughout the year anytime, anywhere with Frubites! Our unique manufacturing technology retains all their fibre, taste and aroma. These bites are an ideal snack for you in between meetings, for your kid's tiffin, and are great for picnics, trips or movies..
Weight:  / 16g
Ex Tax:₹89.29
Crunchy organic nuts and tangy dry-fruits come together to make these crunchy munchies a handbag essential!..
Weight:  / 35g
Ex Tax:₹62.50
The nutty stars of this medley include whole almonds, whole walnuts and crunchy peanuts, along with omega -3 rich sunflower seeds and delicious raisins, so you can binge with benefits...
Weight:  / 35g
Ex Tax:₹62.50
Slightly spicy, mostly crunch and a 100% delicious. Our antioxidant-rich trail mix is the perfect go-to for a nutrition-packed power punch...
Weight:  / 35g
Ex Tax:₹66.96
Brand: Nutlings
Roasted almonds, cashews, pumpkin seed and chickpeas mixed with the delicious dried pineapples, oranges (with peel), muskmelon, black raisins, and sun-dried tomatoes, coated in jalapeño chilli powder and Himalayan pink salt. (Contains corn syrup and garlic powder). Vitamin rich and filling. ..
Weight:  / 45g
Ex Tax:₹79.46
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